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Welcome to the Dilworth Redress Programme registration page

To register, you will need to sign up by providing your email and creating a password. You can register online by clicking the “Register Here” tab on the left side panel of the screen. This online registration option is available to all those who wish to register (e.g. if you are a former student or if you are registering on behalf of a deceased former student survivor's estate). This ensures that your registration and details are secure. 

To receive a registration form, please call or email the Administrator on 0800 888 744 or administrator@dwredress.org.nz to discuss the registration process and to have the registration form posted or emailed to you. 

Please read the website information about application and registration in https://dilworthredress.org.nz/register/. This will tell you about the process before and after registration, the work of facilitators who will assist you, and about the information that may need to be provided about you.

Please read the website information about the way decisions are made in https://dilworthredress.org.nz/decision-process/

By signing and agreeing to the submission of this registration form, you agree you have read and understood the process to register and the decision process information listed in the links above.



The Dilworth Redress Programme will only share information in accordance with our privacy statement and its associated frequently asked questions. Read the statement here and the FAQs. These can be found at https://dilworthredress.org.nz/privacy/ and https://dilworthredress.org.nz/faqs/

By signing and submitting this form, you agree that you have read and understood the privacy information under the Privacy Statement on the website, and its associated Frequently Asked Questions.   

If you would like to register, please click “Register Here” to the left or use one of the other registration options noted above.